Through the Horn of Africa

Date: 5/1/2017

By DocDDandy

My friend Shane and I were mysteriously teleported to a small library in the center of the Horn of Africa. We manage to find someone at the library who speaks English, and are told that there is a resort at the very tip of the Horn that has a group of people that may be able to help us get back home. We work some odd jobs in the area to get enough money for supplies, but are told that the trip is very dangerous and no-one is willing to drive us there. We begin our trip, crossing a huge Savannah, dodging bandit patrols and wild animals. Eventually we run into a camp of bandits, who surprisingly invite us in, give us food, and a place to rest. A high ranking bandit hears our story and gives us a gun, warning us that there is a group of cannibalistic tribe people between here and the resort, before wishing us luck and sending us on our way. On the way to the resort we bump into a camp of the tribe people, and there is an obvious language gap. They save us over and offer us a strange alcoholic beverage, and a bowl of some kind of meat. Hungry, and not wanting to offend them I don't hesitate, and dig right in, but my friend refuses to eat. after a heated argument he swallows his pride, and the contents of the bowl. The tribe leads us back to their village where a sage knows English. He explains that they do eat people, but only their enemies in ceremonies, and what we ate was bullfrog stew. We spent the day helping the tribe catch more frogs, and cut down bananas, before being sent off with a bag full of food to the resort. We finally make it to the resort where, we are given a phone to call our families, whom tell us they are going to fly over with our passports to take us home. We are given a complimentary room to stay in while we wait for them. As I'm sitting at a balcony outside the room, I notice the ocean starting to go wild, and the clouds getting dark. Off in the distance I see a massive tornado forming. I quickly make for the door, but wake up before I can see what happens next.