Annihilation - End Of Times (Dream turned to a story)

Date: 6/21/2019

By aliabbas619

It was a dark evening, lightning struck with thunder following. The moons visibility was potent; reflecting down upon the small puddle left by a small drizzle which occured earlier. I awoke to the sound of a noisy siren; unlike your usual emergency siren, this felt more like an evacuation. So we are all on this remote island. No sign of where or why... I am at a family room and an exorcism is being performed by my mother. To whom? I can not remember? But shortly after the exorcism had been fully accomplished. I left out for a smoke, to which I see an old work/family friend. I ask him what's happening? He tells me it's the end of times, to which I nodded in a sarcastic manner, with my eyes rolling and a dramatic frown to emphasise on the recent events which I think are all bullshit. My work friend drives an Audi Q7, we are in the vehicle when suddenly a loud explosion is heard from the distance. Perplexed, I look out and see a trail of fire eradicating all forms of life form in existence. Everyone panicked and suddenly Grand Theft Auto had become reality... You a pedestrian and you saw a car? You'd jack it as this was armageddon. Havoc and carnage spread; war and killing, innocents murdered and a trail of hells fire itself was circulating the earth. Almost like a scene from American Horror Story with the Anti Christ (Season 8 I think). The Second Siren commences with a radio interference of a lady telling each and everyone evacuation outposts. In the car, my friend drives as fast as he can, we enter outpost number 6 and Everything is all gloomy again. The earth had been eradicated as this was signalled by the loudest explosion of all time. Those who were in an outpost had been transported to where I had zero knowledge of. I wake up, and am in a room which looks like a prison cell except there are no iron bars; the room was crammed with over forty people and the strangest thing was, I saw a girl who went high school with me back in 2013/2014. We did not exchange words but she was perplexed as much as I.