School/Call of duty/Skyrim

Date: 7/12/2017

By hellhounda55

So I was in class and a tornado appeared outside the school so I got down. After it passed I looked outside and saw 5 fuckin tornados combine into one. After the storm was over Katelyn burchett told me aleiah died the black girl from my algebra 3 class. She was one of my friends so I was quite user about it. So my dream transitions to the gym and it's different. Christian, my best friend, was sitting next to me on the bleachers and eventually I decide to jump but I was standing on top of Christians feet so he launches me to the ceiling of the gym. And keep in mind it's about a 30 ft tall ceiling. Look up south warren high school of you wanna get an idea of what I did. I do this a few times and eventually I go on top of the score board. This part of the dream ended with a ship or something I forget. Then I transitioned to call of duty. It wasn't any of the call of dutys out rn but it was cool. I was playing with john phelps. Me and him had a pistol and a knife . I was destroying him. Eventually the game gives us big ass guns because time is running out. He gets an LMG and I get a big ass sniper and an AK47. Then we start some mission and I become lucid. My eyes shut for a split second but when I tried to open them I was back in My room. So I tried to stay in the dream then I wake up. I fall back asleep and I'm in skyrim pretty much. Valerica the vampire is with me and soon turns into chiggs. Jessica is sitting with her legs open and I start touching her and sent chiggs away. I convinced her to do it with me then the dream transitions again but I'm still with Jess. We make out then I think of Jules and I wake up.