True selves

Date: 7/2/2017

By Jiscadreams

There was a garden where people were kidnapped by a witch who didn't understand humans, though she looked similar to humans. They had their stomachs cut open and food put inside, because the witch didn't understand eating. She brainwashed the victims into believing that they were nothing but mindless killing machines. So, some people volunteered to help those people, who had turned all white and dead inside. The volunteers found out from the witch's recordings what the people liked, and they used those things to make them feel human again. After the victims were cured, the witch was angry and made dead inside victims out of thin air who were never human. These people had the names of the volunteers who had helped the others. The garden became a battlefield where the volunteers tried to help their other selves. When they managed to help their counterparts, the counterparts turned into graves that they used to interact with people they loved that were dead. At the end of the dream, which I was in, I helped my counterpart, and that's when I woke up.