Concert of crowds

Date: 1/24/2019

By madeofmold

I can never tell if the feeling that “I’ve had this dream before” is genuine recall of previous memories of a similar dream, or it’s just my brain trying to make me feel comfortable and familiar in the dream, but regardless, I’ve had this dream before. I was at an indoor/outdoor concert venue that was made up of multiple huge buildings that were largely open to the environment. Think stadium seating next to empty air. But I had left the section where I had left my things (cigarettes, a sweater, etc) for some reason I can’t remember & I was trying to find my way back. But I kept running into people I know from real life and they wanted me to sit with them, but I wanted to be by myself. I also kept coming across a girl I didn’t recognize, and she also kept trying to get me to go with her. I probably should have done that but I still wanted to be alone. She was cute, though. Anyway. I was moving from building to building, and they alternated their coloring from red to blue & back again, and all the people inside each one matched the color scheme of the building with their outfits. They were doing different things at the concert: in some buildings they were sitting and drinking and listening to the music, in others they were dancing or singing karaoke along to it. There were so many people in every building it felt very crowded and hot. I was jumping down section to section, trying to leave a particular stand of seats when I ran into a guy who was talking about doing the “soaped up challenge”. He said that it was a sort of concert-going game to play where you cover yourself in soap before the event starts and then you drink. I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish but I did touch his arm and it was covered in very slippery soap. He then complained about throwing up when the concert was done, because he had just gotten braces and they hurt his mouth. I was going to suggest he drink water instead of beer, but then I woke up.