Profane Mixed Up Harvest Moon and George Beard And Harold Hutchins reply on Amino

Date: 5/26/2017

By Serena

I was on Amino and George replied to Harold's comment with 'G: Won't you just die in a hole and Shush up Harold you annoying little freak! Go back to Harold's house!' Okay... Drama! Then I dreamed up a living room and a big HD TV and I was playing harvest moon whenever I go close to the sky it plays the "GD" word over and over again until I go far away but the bad word it repeated actually sounded like Hiccup Hic Hiccup until I recorded the sound then it said the bad words I was certain that my "parents" would find out so I hidden it until it played in the background as Hiccup Hic Hiccup Hic over and over while I was trying to save "Peach"