Many dreams

Date: 8/16/2019

By cgs

I accidentally applied for the role of playing Quasimodo from the hutchback of Notre Dame instead of the marketing job at Disney and they gave me the job. I could like hover over the world like google maps and I over the cost of some island and there were three boats driving themselves around and it looked so weird but I was like they must be famous people on there and they just have their identity hidden. And then I picked up eve and Ryan and parked my car next to a tree in the forest 🌳 and there was another car their with all their lights on and we were like oh that’s weird why would any one else park here! And then we went for dinner and Amelia was there already and the place was like Mexican and Indian and then mum and dad and Hannah showed up and dad was like well it’s not going to be Indian really and I was like no it’s the food they make here in an Indian style!!! And he got really mad and dropped the starters on the floor.