Grasslands, cosmic order

Date: 6/13/2017

By TheNagual

I was in Africa, it was a small area out in the dark. A few people didn't care if they saw me naked or not. I woke up in my room, thought I was dreaming. I danced around a bit and Aaron was there and watched. We smoked a little and saw everyone else was just watching gta 5. Out in a large grassland area, I get upset and James for his choices. I walked far away, and it took forever to walk back through the grass plans again. Not much had changed, but I was more accepting this time. There were two doors, I was following a girl for some time but ended up following April through the other door. Inside was a open prison of sorts. I was chosen and we had sex. There was a great cosmic disrupt when a smaller women wished for gravity to made of soup. The mother goddess spotted this and reversed it quickly. There was a fight to break out, big girls in black versus a group of smaller people. The smaller people had forgotten their energy in their portal guns. The big girls must have won. I was in my room, a bit dark, I had amazing natural guitar playing abilities