Date: 3/17/2017

By megan_1213

Ok so I had a dream we had to go to a friends house for a get together or something but for some reason I was in a relationship with someone and they were coming with us. We had to park a little ways away like half a mile away, I don't know why but we walk to our friends house. Well I forgot my charger in the car so me and my sister walked back to get it. I found out I had it with me so we just walked back to the house. Well we ran into 2 other friends that were coming to the get together too so we walked with them the rest of the way back well one of my friends had a date with her I assumed that was his purpose cause I've never seen him and he was walking close to her. A pit of jealousy will always be in me when I see her with someone else. Anyways we got to the house and we hanged out with our friends for a while. I went into the other room and check my phone cause it was charging. When I turned around my friend (the one that had a date) was standing behind me. She said "you have something on your face" I said "where" and started to search for it. She got closer, and I assumed to get whatever was on my face, but then she grabbed my face a kissed me quickly and walked away. I didn't know how to react I just stood there looking at nothing. I wasn't paying attention when she came back and jumped in my arms and snuggled her head in my neck. Well I didn't know what to do so I just held her well my sister came in and saw us. I'll never forget her face, she looked disgusted I didn't want her to think I wanted this so I mouthed "help" but as she was coming over her phone rang so she went into the other room. After that my she got down from my arms and pressed her back to my front. I didn't know what to do cause I couldn't get my self to move. I just stood there with my arms out not knowing what to do with them. She took my arms and wrapped them around her waist and we stood in silence with me hugging her from behind. I don't know why but it felt right and I started to fall asleep. I rested my head on her soldier and closed my eyes. I heard foot steps coming toward us and that's when I woke up.