She's Gone... & White Fox RPG

Date: 7/10/2017

By fluffytree

So I was in my room texting with my friend Jenny while she boarded a plane to go see a kpop concert. It was her first time riding a plane too and she seemed excited. I was a little envious cos I'd like to be with her too, but ah well. Just glad she's happy to be going to concerts again. My point of view alternates between me being in my room to being some random person behind her that's boarding the same plane. As I got on in this body I felt a strange rumbling under my feet. It would happen every 10 seconds or so. Some people's seemed mildly worried including myself but this flight attendant assured us that it's normal and to not worry. We were beginning to find our seats and settle down when suddenly there's a flash of light and an explosion inside. I open my eyes to see a huge chunk of the plane simply gone. Clearly a bomb went off and it was likely from a terrorist. I look around to see if anyone's hurt and several were injured and unfortunately 2 were instantly killed by being directly caught in the blast. I couldn't find Jenny and hoped she got clear and didn't wanna believe what I would discover next, but after finding her singed backpack on the floor, I knew the horrible truth. She was gone... Just like that. I zap back into my original body at home and see a partial text from her. I frantically text back hoping to get a reply but nothing. I won't believe it. I can't wrap my head around it. But then I turn on the news and see the plane from the outside and how much damage was actually done. They mention the 2 casualties names, one was a random man in his 40s and the other was Jenn. When they listed her age that's when it hit for real that she was dead. I sat there in shock and fell to my knees devastated. I wanted to scream, to cry, anything! But nothing came. What would I do now? I don't know what to do... I never felt so helpless before. I start blaming myself because I was the one (according to sudden dream memories) who got her to choose a plane for her trip instead of a train like she usually does. It's my fault she died and I dunno how I'll ever forgive myself now... They show a woman being arrested and carted off by police. It was the damn flight attendant, the same one that was assuring people the rumblings under the plane were normal. I can't believe this shit. She's apparently with ISIS and got away with her plans by using her attractive looks and seductive allure to get her way and fool everyone especially the male workers. I see a still of her with her legs wide open and panties off exposing her vagina as if in a playboy pose or something. Looks like she did whatever it took to have things go her way. Disgusting. I wake up at this point super relieved it was just a dream but went back shortly thereafter. Now I find myself in a small neighborhood during the winter playing with dogs and white foxes. It's snowing and there's fresh powder on the ground that sparkles like diamonds in the muted sunlight. I'm just wandering around going through people's backyards with a white fox and a white bulldog as my companions. Occasionally "enemies" would spawn as if I'm in a video game and they'd usually be black Rottweiler dogs or pitbulls. I'd either fight them using my party along with weapons I happen to have or I could simply flee. It basically had most of the rules of a turn-based rpg. I ran from most of the battles since I rather explore, but sometimes I had to stay and fight. Don't remember much else and I woke up feeling completely out of it. Like I was so deeply asleep I had no idea what day it was or what time of day it was either. And I could barely remember who I was as well. This happens occasionally when I sleep super hard though and it takes a few seconds for my brain to "load" general identity info and all.