Shadow Figure

Date: 3/26/2017

By lucy_riverside

I had a dream where I was back in my middle school with a friend who I used to walk to school with. We were both walking into the school and suddenly we realized that all the lights were off and no one was there. Deciding that we were both reckless teens and we could do what we wanted to, we investigated. Walking upstairs to the second floor of the building and into our seventh grade math room, we discovered all of our teachers in the room hiding behind lab stations. The lights were off but the door wasn't shut which was confusing if they were hiding from something. I had decided to say, "What are you guys doing?" To get a 'shhh' sound as a reply. They motioned for us to come by them and hide being very quiet. It was all very confusing until we heard a loud moan and grumble coming from outside the hallways. The sound of chains scraping against the floors was unsettling but what made us the most scared was that we didn't know what we were hiding from. My friend, Alyssa, and I ran to one of the bathrooms deciding that it would be better to hide somewhere either there is an actual lock on the door rather than an open door. Upon running inside we shut the door and turned all the lights off locking the door to the bathroom itself and going inside a stall which luckily had an actual lockable door on it. We were both hiding on top of the toilet waiting for something to happen so we could see what was really going on, but at the same time scared of the outcome. Minutes of waiting and then something happened, three shadowed arms which looked like black smoke reached in from the seal the door had made from the wall just inches away from our face. Neither of us dared to breath waiting until they disappeared leaving us in a scared state. It was then that we ran home hoping to not get attached by whatever was haunting the building. After arriving in my house I ran upstairs to my parents room where they were asleep and it was night. I tried to scream to let them know that something was wrong, but I couldn't. Nothing left my mouth. Walking over to the bed I made my way past a chair in the corner of their room when my head got pulled backwards and I saw what was haunting me. It got closer and closer to my face before I finally woke up.