Dragon People

Date: 8/22/2017

By RaySpoll

Dragon shifter "king" and Dragon shifter "queen" having relationship issues. Being, the "queen" pov, I'm able to control the dream and make it nsfw. She finds out that her beloved has a harem of girls at his disposal and it crushes her so she ruins some sort of meeting with humans and barely escapes without revealing what they all are on the back of one of her creature dragons. Returning to where they are currently living, some large EXTREMELY large tree in the sky (floating island type thing) that's filled with tunnels, the ones that don't lead anywhere being the rooms. She goes to cry in the very back tunnel nearest to the edge of the island and closest to the sky, which is known as her most precious secluded area that only a few maids know about and the king. They used to make love in there before they were married. When the "king" is able to make it back after fixing the problem the "queen" made, she having destroyed several objects, he tries to figure out what's wrong by shouting and asking where she is. When no one answers him or gives him an "idk" type of answer he finally understands where she is and goes through the tunnels (that are extremely well decorated and cushioned) to where she is. "I figured you would be back here..." he murmurs softly when he enters into my little hovel tunnel where I'm resting against the nearest window in my silken robes, my long hair cascading down my face to hide the tear streaks. I'm staring out the window watching as my dragons fly about for fun outside the floating island. "That was quite the scene back there, mi amor." "Leave me alone. Get out of here!" I would cry out, attempting to throw something at him. He would block whatever I threw at him with great ease of his arm, his own long silken robes swishing. Though his brows would be knit with confusion and concern for his beloved. "What's going on,___my dragon name____" He would try to take a step forward, reaching out to comfort me, but would still when I scramble further back against the tunnel wall. "Don't touch me with your dirty hands, you filthy snake." (Apparently this is a huge insult to dragons and Dragon People) His eyes would narrow at the degrading word but concern would still be there for me. "What's going on ____dragon name___? Why can't I hold my wife when she is hurting." "I bet you hold all of your whores when they are hurting." I would snap back, my teeth elongating just enough to snap for emphasis on my pain, before returning to normal. Hearing this the "king" would finally understand, pain filling his eyes knowing that it is his fault for not having been honest with her in the first place. knowing the rumors of his harem had spread. "So...this is about my supposed harem?" He would sigh, pushing back his long black tendrils of hair that cascaded smoothly down his back. "Supposed?!" I would screech, turning my back on the window and giving him for the full extent of my nasty glare. "I met them ____his Dragon name____! I heard them gossiping between each other. Who got it better. Who was chosen more often. Who he loved more?!" After screaming this, I would toss another object (a beautifully decorated lantern) towards which he would easily shatter against the wall before suddenly surging to me, pinning me against the window so I wouldn't throw anything else. And to assert his dominance. "Then that is cruel and disgusting of them. Especially when they are fully aware that I do not bed them due to my love for them. I have no love for them! except of the love a king should give to his citizens." "Get your hands off of me!" I would struggle in his arms to no avail, even when I begin to use my Dragon shifting strength upon him. "How could you do this, when you know how much I love you. When you know I would die for you and your love for me." I start crying and stuttering against him, almost caving against him to bury my face in his robes. But no sooner then he relaxes and moves to hold me. I slip out of his grip and dive deeper down a nearer tunnel that leads to a dead end but full of blankets and pillows that act like a type of floor bed. no light except the branches that weave in and out, creating patterns around the small chamber that only the light of the sun can illuminate for there is no light down there. And it's a hole, that the "king" can hardly fit through, which is why he hesitates to follow. " You were mine and I was yours ___male Dragon name__" I would say through tears and choked sobs as I lay down amongst the surplus of pillows and blankets. "I was nothing to you from the start, and I should've never given you mg heart. I'm nothing but another whore in your harem...I was just treated fancier." Hearing her call herself a whore, and the pain and the feeling of her being broken was too much for the "king" and with a growl he would follow her through the right whole into her tunnel room, appearing above me and pinning me down against the pillows again, tears in his eyes. Using his Dragon voice, a voice that is deep and dark and resonates against all the walls in the floating island, a voice that can bend the very will of a full bred Dragon. a voice only a king has. "Never call yourself a whore ____female Dragon name___. You ARE mine and mine before anyone else. And I am yours. Body, soul, and spirit. I have a harem, yes. But beside you, they mean nothing to me but appearances or rumors. You are my beloved and I claim you again, like all those night long ago, to remind you that you are indeed mine. And I will do it until there is no doubt in your mind that you are the only one I yearn for under me or above. (something romantic in dragon that makes me stop struggling against him)." And then the king Dragon shifter makes love to me.