Girl with Scarred Legs

Date: 4/20/2017

By TwentieToo

Had a dream where a bunch of people were hiding in this large market. It reminded me of India. Anyways, everyone was hiding from a shooter or something. It was very intense, and I had hidden with a group of people when either the shooter or one of their minion guys came to see if anyone was in our area. Then it switched to me and a guy in these two small rooms with stuffed animals. Giant stuffed animals. There was a girl who put us in there and was talking to us through the door saying that the stuffed animals would protect us or something. I picked the biggest one I could find and lied down with it. Next part was a girl who was getting ready for some kind of event. Her father was there talking to her and helping her. It was clear we were in India to me when the dream got to this part. At the end of this part, I don't remember much except the end, she was standing in the mirror looking at her legs which had dark marks all over, wounds that were scarring. They were mostly on the front of her legs, from her ankle to her knee. She told herself that nobody would notice the scars, they were faded enough. If they did notice, she would tell them she had fallen and scraped her legs.