Second impressions can sometimes be much much better cause you were a snob in the first place.

Date: 8/27/2019

By Fitful

I was close to a teacher, a professor at my school. He was very knowledgeable and intelligent, mostly about certain subjects like astronomy and science/maths related to it. In this dream astronomy and crystals and some ocean life stuff were all part of the same science. I had some rocks, crystals, which came in a box that someone shipped. They thre them in their to make sure my tesc cups wouldn't fly away, would be weighed down. The teacups were very light and floated maybe? Anyway I had these crystal rocks for ages because of that and it turned out they were very important. Someone fked up when they sent me that box. They must have thought they were ordinary rocks but they weren't. I think they were keys, like keys to the sky. Anyway this professor and I had different areas sof expertise. In fact he didn't really know or get my area so it was mostly me learning from him for the majority of the dream. I hid often in this bed/cave area eating cereal like a geeky into very. The bed was like someone had taken a buck bed and made it so low it barely let you lie in between, but without the bunk bed part. So more like a cave. But it seemed normal in this world, and I fit there quite snuggly. I rearranged some silverware on his table in his private chambers when he wasn't there one day. I did it for selfish reasons, something I wanted to borrow or because I wanted something, but he had had it just so and when he got back and saw it he was very mad. Banned me from his rooms and refused to continue a close association. Mostly he was hurt but he didn't show it. He just left again on another of his many trips. I continued school days, feeling bad, and I ran into a guy getting a package. It was a gaming company, this kid was. A gamer, and the package was all wet. Soaked. We opened it up and it turned out to be salt water fish, the bags they came in had burst because they hadn't been shipped correctly and they were all dead. Well maybe, I studdied the bags closer and saw some struggling to live so I decided to try and save them all. We needed a salt water tank set up. The only one I knew of was in the professor's chambers, a unique plantscape experiment he had going on. But it was an emergency. We took a trip down and down to the library where a pretty female librarian had the professor's experiments set up among the books and such. We saved so many sea creatures. A veritable swarm of turtles and fish, basically a whole ecosystem. I was so proud. I thought the professor might feel some pride too, be happy he had more to come back to than he did before. But it was just a passing hope. He probably would still be mad. While that story line was happened there was another. It heavily connected but it seemed like a dream within a dream. It was about this girl who met these two aliens, a couple made of glowing white, and fell instantly in love with them. She was only visiting but wanted desperately to stay with them, marry them. In their culture it was common to take a second queen, it was normal and both queens were considered as one. Their hair became braided together and they were respected as one. A triad. However a lot had been going on and someone was trying to use these.. Pods. Plant pods? Animals egg type pods? People pods? Either way these were aliens, hundreds of smoky cosmos galaxies in little balls (like eggs) in pods and one of them was able to one a year spray a fog which erased someone's memory and replaced their action with the influencers desire. They used it on this girl and she, at the last minute, refused to go with the couple when they invited her to their home in the stars. Her memory had been corrupted with a future image where she didn't go. These little pods were very important. After seeing how they worked we stole them, I was in this time line too, watching and participating, and tried to right the wrong which had been done before. I tried to get the girl to go and marry the aliens when the time line rewound but this rewritten timeline she didn't fall for them right away, she fell for him and his wife hated her. I tried to soothe it by tying their hair together, as it happened in the original, but nothing happened. Some aliens told a woman she was their favorite human and asked her go with them, htye would show her what they meant. Galaxies lot up as was their way of talking. I don't know if she went. And the professor came home to this mess. Me and another boy hoarding the orbs trying to thwart the bad guy. He remarked "I didn't know you knew this much about astrology." although his word for astrology was something more encompassing all these areas of science named. He was flabbergasted by how much I knew. I'd known because of those crystals I got accidentally in the mail years ago. We went on to try and erase the bad guys memory but the professor fked it up by telling him everything assuming it would work but forgetting it only sprayed memory fog once a year. As it had just been used on the girl it didn't woke and the bad guy escaped knowing all out plans.