School bus, raining mobile phones and heart on fire.

Date: 6/27/2017

By awalker406

I was on a school bus full with kids. My Niece was there including my mother, who was apparently driving but she wasn't behind the wheel and kept talking to all the kids about thing random. I reminded her that the bus needs to stop soon. She run to get back behind the wheel and stop the bus. All the kids had a sudden relief and quickly got off the bus. "This is your stop as well" my niece said to me. So I got off the bus and I'm in the middle of town. "Wrong bloody stop" I said to myself. I walked past a show window of someone's dinner room. I stop and waited. Amanda enters the room, all happy with a smile, wearing a beautiful dress, carry a blue book. She sits at the table, pulls out a pen and opens the book. She looks up and rolling her eyes whilst tapping the pen against her lip, deep in thought. I knock on the window and try waving at her but she completely ignores me. "Ah!" She saids. She began writing away then stops and laughs before writing more, while I'm just watching her. Then all of a sudden an loud church bells ring but it was really out of tune. I knew my time was up. She stops, closes the book and hold the book tight towards her chest like a child in her arms. And then she walks out the door. I closed my eyes with a wash of sadness and walked away. Next scene: I'm in a old night club (shout) and I'm surrounded by good looking people but they all had holes thru their chest and their hearts missing. I'm sat at the bar, having a drink and waiting for my date to turn up. A bar man pasts a postcard to me. Its from Kylie, Alex and Ava with a message saying "Don't lose your head". My date turns up, she looks very beautiful. I order her a drink, we sat down and started chatting. I was trying to be interested in what she was talking about but I found it all really boring. Her makeup started to melt off her face and what was underneath was just pure ugliest. "I didn't want to be with this person" I said to myself. Everything felt fake and wrong. I leave the club and wonder off down a street. Two drunken men parachuted from the sky in a tiger onesie. My phone kept going off, it was driving me crazy, so I thru the phone down and it smashed into a 1000 pieces. Then it began to rain mobile phones all going off, falling from the sky. "For fuck sake!" I said to myself. Then the police turn up and I lay down on the floor, while they map out, the outlines of my body with white tape. Next scene: I'm back on the school bus with my rucksack and art portfolio. The bus was very long full with children. "It's going to be a nightmare trying to find a sit" I thought to myself. The kids were shouting and being a menace, it felt like how I was when I was younger. I found a free spot next to this child, who was looking out the window with his hands covering his face. I asked him, if it was ok, if I could sit here. He didn't respond. I sat down next to him. He turned to reveal himself as maxi. He had built a small Lego house in his hands. "That's an awesome house!" I said. "What's in that folder" as he was pointing at my art portfolio. "You want to see?" I said. He nod his head. I show him my drawings of various things. Then I show him my sketch book with more drawings. "Would you like to draw something? Maybe your Lego house or something?" I said to him. He shy away from my offer as I handed him a pencil. "How about we draw something together?" I reply. We both started to draw an apple. The concentration on his focus was intense then he gave up. " I can't draw" he said. " yes, you can buddy. Just need to take your time" I said, giving him all the time in the world. He picked up the pencil and continued. Time went on and we eventually finished the drawing, which turn out we both had the excalty the same drawings. "Well done, buddy" I congratulate him. I closed my sketchbook and gift the book to him. Then bizarrely the book was on fire but didn't hurt him. Next scene: I was sat on a beach, my heart was on a sliver platter on fire, surrounded by photos, that were also on fire but didn't melt, with bells ringing.