Zombie attack in the 1940s

Date: 5/14/2019

By nomosia

I have a reoccurring dream where I am undercover in a N*zi base underneath the streets of London. They are testing this new weapon on people who are locked in various rooms that are viewable through one side and the other side is stairs up to the surface, however it is locked. Last time I dreamt this, I managed to save them all, but this time a little girl was clinging on to me so I couldn't be as fast. I picked up a weapon and started shooting N*zis before I had figured out how to free the hostages and they sent the bio weapon into the first room, wherein they became zombies. I panicked and started turning all the switches off to the side of the glass rooms and that unlocked the doors fortunately, but I was running low on ammo. I sent the hostages upstairs as quick as I could but the N*zis sent the zombies to follow us, so I stayed at the back with my gun to prevent them coming up. The little girl was still clinging on to me though, and I told her to run up to her family but she refused. For some reason there was a horse zombie in front and it bit my foot. We emerged at the surface but somehow the door at the top was filled with rubble. I told the little girl to let go of my leg so we could go through the door like the others and block the entrance after but she said "No, I have an idea." and pulled on my scarf and wrapped it round the zombie horse's head. I shouted: "What the hell are you doing?" But she didn't listen and the horse bit my hand before I could get away. I ran to the door and pushed the girl out in front of me and then bricked up the door with the remaining rubble. I knew we were in London so I knew that if I was to survive the zombie bites I would have to get an amputation, quickly. I ran all the way to Harley Street and went into the first doctor's office I could find and told him to amputate my arm and my leg. He was hesitant at first but when I said I'd been bitten by someone with a terrible disease which could spread and cause me to be a harm for others he quickly agreed. The little girl was quiet through this, but when they strapped me to the table she said : "I'm sorry I cost you an arm and a leg." I assume I died on that table because then I woke up.