Tiny Society in Jamestown

Date: 5/12/2017

By MercurialNight

In the old backyard at Jamestown. Secret society of tiny people where I was normal sized but I stumbled upon them and became their friend. I helped them by collecting huge mushrooms and arranging them to be houses. There was this weird stone pillar-shaped building with an archway door in it that held a tunnel to the large people world. For some reason we had a car in that tunnel and a cop chased us back to the tiny world. Now we had a pain in the ass problem cuz no one is supposed to see them. We had a meeting at a long table and I guess my dream made me the same size as them for some reason. Idk if I was small now or they were big now. But it turned out to just be a ton of pointless yelling. The important figures in the community were given little signs to hold up and you were supposed to be quiet when they did but no one was. So I screamed at them all to shut up and they did so the lady next to me gave me her sign. A few minutes later she made them all shut up with a harsh truth speech or something and we all looked at her in impressed silence till I just silently handed over the sign. Laughs all round. Then I was roaming the trailer park alone and I looked fleek as hell man. Don't remember exactly what I wore; I just looked like a badass but also gorgeous. And a bunch of teenagers were getting on a bus but I passed that bitch up and started running and I outran the bus while they all watched with a mix of admiration and thinking I was crazy. I ran down the hill cuz I was planning to walk to the Citgo but it was old and abandoned and stripped to a shell of a building. I got curious and went in and crawled under the floor. There were a bunch of tools scattered around so I started gathering them into a toolbox so I could steal them. Had to hide several times while people walked by; some band kids knew I was in there but they just laughed at me and passed by. I looked crazy probably. But then people started gathering above me and I looked out to see that the building I was under had become bleachers and they were waiting for a fireworks show to start. And some old dudes looked and saw the tools were packed up and I was like "Oh yeah I just packed em up so nobody would see them and take them. " lololol