Dream House

Date: 5/30/2017

By Shy2Infinity

In the dream I was taking care of a baby that might have been mine. For some reason this baby was special and these people had gotten ahold of her. They were using my house as a hideout. I'd been slowly taking down the residents, luring them to my room and striking. Finally though, they stopped coming and I hesitated on leaving. But I had to save that baby so I reluctantly headed to my grandma's room. I immediately noticed two of them asleep on the bed and someone else in the bathroom. As they started to come out I raced back to my room. They'd heard the sounds I made and hurried to investigate but that was their mistake as I hurried to throw them into the floor. The person, I noticed it was a girl, fell unconscious. I soon went back to my grandma's room to hear someone else, someone I knew that was being incredibly and stupidly loud. When they stepped into the room with the baby I hissed at them to be quiet. We headed into my room (the front foo was there, I guess that's where we were going?) The man was still loud mouthing me. I finally turned to him to tell him off and saw the him unconscious on the floor and the baby on his chest. Glancing up towards the living room door I saw a man (or a boy) standing there with a smirk. I picked up the baby and glared at him and, surprisingly, he went back into my grandma's room. That wasn't the end, I knew it wasn't. I knew he had a power I just didn't know what. So for a moment I stopped and glanced around suspiciously, a hand raised as though to deflect something. Then I turned towards my room and witnessed the boy phasing through the wall. As he started to come towards us I jumped into action, kicking my little sister's four wheeler into him. That made him stumble of course and I attempted to do it again but he appeared right next to me. I tried to push him away with one arm while my other held the baby. No amount of twisting away could've stopped him, all he had to do was touch the baby. And he did. The moment he touched the baby it appeared in his arms and he shoved me away. As he raced out the door it slammed shut behind him. I ran to the door and banged on it, trying to get anyone to open it. When that failed I turned and saw my purse, that would definitely have my house key. Glancing towards a window I grabbed as many porcelain things as I could and threw them one at a time, as hard as I could at the window. The window soon shattered and I grabbed my purse and hurried out. Glancing around I grimaced at the bright sunlight. Quickly getting over it I hurried to the back of the house, where they had parked. As I stumbled to a stop in the back I witnessed them pulling out. But I thought someone had to be left behind: Of course not. After I checked the house I hurried to get into my car.