Battle/sad news

Date: 7/28/2017

By parisleech13

For some reason we were all having a massive battle where we had to kill loads of people. It started and the first person I killed was George aucott. I remember I stabbed him in the stomach and got his sword so I had 2 swords. And I kept killing loads of people. I killed almost everyone. But every now and then I went into this class room. And that's where everyone went once killed but they were all alive. And had to do class work. It was really weird. So once we finished the teachers were like 'okay guys. Go around and find some people and bring them back. It's over now. We've going home' so for some reason I was in s really nice white dress. It was kind of like a wedding dress but at the same time it wasn't. And then I started walking right to the back of the fighting ground and all of a sudden it was a cemetery. And then marnie (my sister) came up to me and was like come on Paris it's time to go. I was like okay give me a second. Then I went up to my sisters grave and started crying. Then Tyler Barton?! (IDEK why) came up to me and was like are you okay. And I was like yeah. Just go away. But then he was like no. This place is dangerous. So then I just walked off and then for some reason I was looking for 3 mirrors. The same size as each other. Then everyone was looking for me and shouting my name but I seemed to be in a sort of trance. I finally found the mirrors and the cemetery went quiet. I couldn't hear anyone. Then I said something along the lines of 'show me...' but I can't remember the rest. Then something happened and I think I got possessed or something. Idk. So after all that I just walked through the cemetery and to the school line and everyone was like omg paris. Where were you. Everyone was looking. Do you know what's in there? And I was like yeah. I found these mirrors. They were really cool. But useless. Idk what they did. And started to laugh. Then everyone took a couple of steps back from me and we all went out. Then we were at the Asda gas station opposite the bus station and I was with the school. Some people from school came with me to Asda and we stayed in there for god knows how long then we came back to the gas station and the teachers stood around with really sad looks on their faces and then Mrs Carey came up to me and gave me an envelope. It was white but the papers inside were yellow. I opened it and then Mrs Carey said "I'm sorry but you have cancer" and I remember balling y eyes out in my dream and I woke myself up from crying.