Snowing in Florida

Date: 8/26/2017

By QuietQueen

It's snowing outside. Zack (my S/O) sends me a video of himself bundled up in a snow jacket and gloves on, playing in the snow. I send him a message passive aggressively telling him "That's cool, bruh." as I was quite envious of him. He offers to come pick me up, and I think I declined his offer. Instead, I ask my nine months pregnant sister if she wants to go out and play at the park, since it's snowing. Of course, she's elated. We hop in her ford pickup and head to the park. Then Dylan (An old friend) sends me a GoPro video of him swimming pretty deep in the ocean with lots of his friends. It was then that I sigh very hard, prompting Mariah (pregnant sister) to ask "what's wrong?" I just shake my head and tell her, "I just don't understand men. Why do they always have to send videos of what they're doing? Like, they're trying to make me jealous of them!" It was right then that Mariah starts screaming and crying. She's having her baby! It is coming, and I feel like I HAVE to witness this birth! I am teleported to the back passenger seat and suddenly, Ally (Another friend) has teleported to the passenger seat. She delivers a boy who is born wearing a bright red shirt that has some profanity on it. Ally places the baby in my arms, and Mariah just continues driving like nothing happened.