Date: 6/21/2017

By Chaco

Started with me laying in bed using my iPad for web surfing and youtube watching. I look to the right and I see a screen panel that showed who was at my door when the doorbell rang or anyone who's coming in. I looked at the panel and she let herself in. I stood up in shock thinking how the hell did she get in. I waited in my room as I hear the stairs creek as she gets closer and closer to my room. She comes in and decides to jump on me and cover herself with the blanket I was using. She wanted to cuddle. I didn't disagree but it was just rather odd. There was more but I can't remember. And didn't have time to take it all down. But it involves with airplane high jack and me and my uncle walking through the streets and going in and out of stores but every time we go in and come out a store time passes fast.