Blind Sacrifice (Hunger Games)

Date: 2/20/2017

By KatTheDreamer

A blind 12 year old girl makes her way from the back of the crowd to the stage. There's lipstick smeared all over her face, but her hair hangs down as her head slumps to keep people from noticing. "I know you're blind, but we would like to see your face, darling!" says the announcer. with a smirk she lifts her face and brushes her hair out of the way to reveal written in bright red lipstick on her forehead "DISTRICT CHILD SACRIFICE" drawn under her lower lip is a cartoonish tongue and on her dark classes are Xs. The crowed shouts in disgust and boos. "Aren't you excited?!" she shouts into the microphone, "you're precious capital is taking yet another innocent child to be murdered and you get to watch!" Someone comes up on to the stage and says she's a disgrace to her family and she yells "what else is new?! what do I have to lose now??" This person rips her dress and the girl is escorted to the back. Then she's at the arena. she had teamed up with a couple from another district and the 16 year old girl from there died from natural causes. the blind girl is sobbing over the body and the boy walks up with a gun in his hands. he lifts the blind girl up and forces her to take the gun and presses it against his chest. "No! please! I don't want this!!" she begs. "without her there's no sense in me living anymore.... Max, you and I are the last ones alive..." "NO!" he puts her finger over the trigger and holds it there with her thumb. "please don't please don't please don't..." she begs and he forces her to pull the trigger. She's sitting with Seaser and he asks her "Now, when you're name was drawn, you said that you were a disgrace to your family. do you think that's still true?" "nothings changed. the only family I had abandoned me, so if they see this and realize it's me, i. certain they'd still hate me." "ok... also how'd you do your face paint since you're blind?" an image of a girl from the back of the crowd with matching lipstick paint flashes as if it's a memory. "I know people." she said with a smile. ~ the dream scene completely changes to me climbing up rickety metal stairs to get to a bowl of candy. I manage to get there and I choose the biggest piece of chocolate I can find. I bite into it expecting some sort of delicious filling, but instead it's filled with undercooked meat. I spit it out in disgust and eat a different on that is like a chocolate covered cookie.