live animal museum

Date: 8/3/2017

By zoezoezoe

i was a journalist interviewing the head of a natural history museum for a piece. as he guided me through the museum i began to notice that a lot of the animals were moving, not stuffed or dead or anything. for the next part of the interview he invited me to sit on the floor with him atop some big pillows, and beckoned a white lion which slowly turned orange over the course of our conversation. the lion was his friend, but demanded a great deal of respect and caution, as lions do. he sat with us for a while, but then a visitor at the museum saw us and became very excited about the lion, coming to close to fast. the lion became upset, and the director of the museum urgently cautioned the tourist to be perfectly still and lower his eyes, but he had become afraid of the agitated lion, who was now a dark orange color. the lion batted him around a little bit with his big paws, creeping up behind him and eventually putting his paws on the tourists shoulders. i noticed when he did this that they slowly sprouted very long fingers with shining brown fingernails. the tourist freaked out, which made the lion freak out. the lion darted away and killed the last few remaining of a near-extinct breed of land birds, including one who was pregnant. the head of the museum was devastated.