Escape Game

Date: 6/22/2017

By wanda1316

I was kidnapped by a man in his thirties and taken to a house where there was no phone reception. The whole dream revolved around my escape attempts. I had a good amount of freedom to do what I wanted in the house, but he seemed to always know when I was going to try to escape. The first few times I tried to escape at night while he was asleep. Somehow he always beat me to it. Once I ran outside, and he showed up in his car. Once I even made it inside the car and drove, and somehow he stopped me then too. He never got angry or tried to hurt me, he mostly found it humorous and slightly annoying. Once he got me pet dogs and told me that if I tried to escape again he would harm them. This burdened me, but I didn't give up. The last time I tried to escape was when he left me in the house while he went to run a few errands. My plan was to hide outside until he got home. If he left his keys in his car I was going to drive off. I was hiding when his truck arrived. Oddly, I saw him sitting in the passenger seat. The I noticed he was staring at me. I almost panicked, but then he said "are you done escaping now?" I gave up and said "yes" and then followed him inside. Inside he asked me why I kept trying to escape. I told him I missed my friends and my mom, and that they would be worried about me. I also told him that my dream was to finish college, and I couldn't do that anymore. He still didn't allow me to leave. I can't remember the details, but here I was able to visit a different world where fairies existed and it gave me hope again of escaping. After this the rest of the dream was a series of failed escape attempts that mostly happened outside during the daylight. Each time he just subdued me and took me back inside, and I frantically talked nonsense about fairies. The last time, though, he snapped and got angry. He revealed that he knew about the fairy world I had visited. I was lying down on the grass and he started kicking me, and he was going to kill me. He was saying that I was mountain witch, or something. I grabbed something sharp that was in the grass next to me and I held it above my face, so the next time he brought his foot down it stabbed him. This killed him.