The Ocean in the City

Date: 1/27/2019

By Fitful

I spent the dream in the deep deep sea. It was like the river running through the city was actually an ocean. I was in a submarine, some cool shiny gold mech thing. Futuristic and shaped like a pod but with lines. Often I was a mermaid. There was either another entity which was often a mermaid or it was me. There was also a dragon water spirit, a new young one, which lived in the water and in the falls for this ocean fell from the top of the buildings too into a waterfall. There the little jeweled blue dragon water spirit was first seen. And I was him briefly and he was also a teddy bear, given a cubby to sleep in and be dry. In a house, which as mine in the city, I watched the little mermaid with my brother who came to stay, and the mermaid pod floated in the apartment as the floor. He wasn't as impressed but I was having a grand time with all the mermaid stuff. I think he wanted to be oceans deep more. I bought some shelf rack for the kitchen, the first thing I bought for the house win the wylay of furniture, it changed the way I looked at the kitchen completely. I bought it because it was advertised on the internet at a low price, just $20 and I went to the store after to saw that advert to buy it. Afterwords I kept collecting my brotherd thigns to send to him, or give when his mother came to get him, but he wasn't there. I felt sad. I think I had a big family. Some of them were a problem, they had unsavory traits, such as greed and Lust as negative predominant drives. It made it hard to interact with them. And others pissed of someone and were put in a different body. Others still didn't know anything about us and our lifestyle until one day we found out they were vampire like too and just like the rest of us.