Elsa everywhere

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was Elsa and I fell I love with Loki, (who was like the trouble maker prince because of course Thor was the king) and everyone's like "ugh why is she staying with him he's going to corrupt her blah blah blah" but I knew Loki was actually awesome💁🏼 so I stuck with him and then he gave me this hilarious sweater that I decided to just put over my dress (???) though it was really comfy! Then idr why, but we needed to escape somewhere so he started acting like he was sick so Thor would let me take him to a doctor. That apparently was a journey that required the entire friggin kingdom to go on a kayaking trip and we were the last ones stuck at the dock because Loki kept falling out of the kayak when I would get him in!!!! (It was literally like the most hilarious part of a dream ever) anyway, we eventually get in our kayaks but the one I grabbed was different than the others and no matter what I did it went super fast so he kept getting stuck behind me but I couldn't slow down to let him keep up! Then I meet my friend and she tells me how she has to break into black widows home and leave her a disc or something. We inconspicuously pull off to the side and wait for Loki who's like struggling along on his lil kayak half full of water and we sneak onto this island where Tasha's house is and sneak in like cool ninjas and my friend works on whatever she came to do. As she's working I hear a small noise but no one else hears it but I'm like "yo that's totally going to be Tasha she's going to come kill us all" since no one believes me I sneak around the house and then when I realize I was right I start punching at this window screen to get out because the house was going into lock down and start calling for the others to come get out. Loki of course comes last and he gets trapped inside...(I don't know why he was such a struggle bus in my dream...) and I'm like "dude just teleport out with your magic stuff!" But then he's surrounded and Tasha is like "lol no it's impossible to get out of here that way" and then that dream was over... ... then later, same dream but different I guess, I'm at the Odin family business which is a cafe called the dancing cello (????) and I see Thor setting up a huge stage thing across the road (like he was nailing stuff with moljnir it was hilarious) and Loki begrudgingly watching. So I run out to go give him a hug because it's been like forever and the kingdom had forced us apart and we're all yay reunion! Blah blah blah and then from out of nowhere there are all these dudes trying to make out with Loki and I'm like "wtf" and he's like "wtf" so he starts kicking them and pushing them away with his double katana swords and they turn into stacks of sliced cucumbers (I literally have no clue man...I just...I don't know) then because of all the commotion people start looking over so I run back over and I hid in the doghouse in front of the cafe.... And Thor put on a cello costume and danced as the cafe mascot. ... Then at another part I was Anna except the Elsa was completely different than the Elsa I was before, but anywho there was a ball at our palace and she was like "ugh I don't want to go". So she's just hiding up in her room and I'm like "ugh I want to go why wasn't I invited!" So I stuck on her wig (because apparently Elsa wears a wig) so I could sneak down and watch the party, not necessarily to join in or anything, but just to watch. Then there's this king/prince dude who comes over and asks me to dance, and being the dorky younger sister with no clue how to act like a queen I'm just like "crap crap crap I'm not supposed to be here someone will find out ahhhh" finally I have to agree...and the dude is Steve. Prince Steve Rogers! (Though it was also kind of prince Eric...) anywho we get along great even though I'm basically just making an idiot of myself not knowing how to act the right way to fit in with all the high ranking royalty. Then after it's over and I'm heading back to my castle one of his people says he wants to be all official and date and whatever and that he's coming to ask. So I'm all like "crap crap crap then people will definitely know I'm not actually Elsa" so I run up this huge flight of stairs and Elsa is groggily walking around the corner like "wth shut up" and I yank her down so they can't see her from below and quickly explain that she has to go out with this dude but she has to act like me (an idiot) so that he doesn't suspect anything. She's super confused but finally agrees because he's almost at the top of the steps. So he asks and whatever and they go down to where he has all his cars and whatnot lined up and they drive off, but I run down with my hair all a mess from having the wig on before, but to see if he would still pick me or if he just wanted Elsa because of the fact she was a queen. He barely even gives me a second glance so I walk back all dejected and sad. Then I decide to go walk around town all forever alone and I find this arcade type place under a general store (which was super creepy but awesome!!) where I eventually found Justine, jerry, and Haley (literally no idea why they were in my dream...) so I ask if I can join their laser tag team but they're all like "ugh why is she here go away you're gross" so I just kind of follow them around even though they just ignore me until eventually these people come to take me to some place that they won't tell me. Back with Elsa and Steve, he's beginning to wonder if this is the same person he was with before, because while they looked the same, this one couldn't help but have the manners of a queen, and wasn't funny like the one before. He eventually says "you know how your sister came down when you were leaving with me and she didn't even care that her hair was a mess and she was in her pajamas? I like that,maybe I should have picked her" and Elsa is just sitting there laughing nervously like "haaa yeah that would be funny ha...ha...ha....." So he makes a plan to figure it out once and for all, which is where the people that had came and got me earlier came in, as they had brought me to the restaurant they were at and then I had to awkwardly explain everything, which he took surprisingly well. Then we went to the arcade place again and I got to make them all jealous because they thought I was nothin but Tada I was piggy back riding on a prince captain America while drinking a gallon of milk so who's the real winner here💁🏼🙋🏼