The secret

Date: 5/25/2017

By red15

My dad was some kind of secret occult worshiper. He had predicted and done things that should not be humanly possible. I travel to the middle East to speak to a archeological doctor my dad had been corresponding with. My dad had sent her various figures that when assembled a certain way had specific occult meaning. We go to her office to talk more about it and I begin tob"remember " all sort of inocous but not obviously occult like things my dad had done. At some point during our conversation the power goes out and we continue to speak in tje dark. I begin to get a hollow sickly feeling in my stomacj and slowly realize the woman is possessed. She begins to grab my face and tries to pull me in for a kiss, I csn feel something unholy and unnatural eminating from her so I try to get up and go to flick the light as I do I keep my eyes closed so as to not see what the woman now looks like. I hear a loud screaming and slowly begin to realize it is I who is screaming. I suddenly wake inside my dream naked and in a bes with luxurious sheets. I go over to the next room where I find a young man lying on a bed browsing his phone he looks up and looks at me knowingly and asks "Are you looking for her, dont worry she will be back soom" and goes back to browsing his phone. The dream ends here as I start awake for real this time.