Date: 7/9/2017

By cazzx

There was a girl on the loose wanted for murder and violence. At Linda's house all the doors were locked but she still managed to get in, although she didn't want to kill me, she did slice me with a knife when I tried to do the same to her. I spend most the dream trying to get away from her to no avail. Towards the end we actually just end up walking around and hanging out even though I had previously tried to call the cops. I try to call the cops again but I end up forgetting her name it was something like Shannon Taylor. I don't want her to find out I had been trying to send her in the whole time, so we end up at this weird rock beach thing and she actually saves me from almost drowning. in the end she is found out by teachers who recognized her behavior because she was trying to blend into normal society and she had wanted to go to school with me