Date: 6/10/2017

By BranchMan

Went to chic fil a and asked for 8 chicken nuggets but the lady said something under her breath about it. I asked her what the problem was and then she said nothing, and then went inaudible. I kept asking her to repeat what she said, politely, but it was never any louder. Eventually I got mad and told her she's gonna have to speak up. She got mad and went on the mic and said fuck it, give this kid a fish stick Hahahaha. I threatened to sue her after that, and then the manager came out. Now I'm trying to tell the manager what happened as the scene changes and he's running away from me through a construction site as I'm yelling at him about the situation. Then someone is attempting to run me over with a fork lift, apparently chic fil a doesn't mess around with unsatisfied customers lol. Next thing I know I'm shooting someone with a pistol, I'm sure the fork lift dude, and my friend Keaton is there and is like, dude! You are like Rambo! Lol. And I said yeah and I'm kind of lucid too, I'm a little conscious. Then I knew I was in a dream, but I woke up.