my dad is a kkk member

Date: 2/26/2017

By troyesivan

Okay so this was from some time this month. I was learning how to play "This Must Be My Dream" by the 1975 or "LOST BOY" by Troye Sivan and something caught my eye. My eye immediately looked at some paperwork in my dad's backpack. I looked and discovered that it was paperwork from the KKK claiming that my dad was a member of the KKK and strong suporter of Trump. I also read that he kills minorities (racial, ethnic, minorities and people of different sexualities) Note: my dad and I are people of color. Immediately, I feel surprised and betrayed. So I decide to show it to my mom afterwards while she's on my bed and tell her to hide it in a safe spot afterwards. When I get back, I find she put it on the most obvious spot: on my chair. My dad walks in and catches my mom and I red handed. He takes out a gun and I immediately grab nearby blades. I throw the blades at him and they all miss. He shoots me but he misses luckily. My mom and I teleport to a skinny dipping party about 20-25 years in the past and she explains that my dad was an OG gangster and owned a pistol since he was 14 years old. I'm then teleported to my house where I see people and animals from the past walking through the doorway. My past dog, Oso, walks in as a puppy and I immediately try to pet him but he fails to notice me. I start to cry in my dream and in real life as he fails to notice my each and every one attempt to pet him and this is where I wake up