first baddie?

Date: 2/21/2017

By Nihyt_Owl

I'm in the car with some random guy that I feel like I know maybe as my cousin. He's in the drivers seat and I'm in the seat directly behind him so, I never see his face. We go along for a while talking about basically nothing. He told me that he loves drinking milk, to which I replied that my cousin (Jamar) drinks a class of milk everyday (definitely not true info) All of a sudden he was in the passengers seat and it was dark. This guy didn't look like my cousin at all, but I went with it. A Crack happened behind us us. A truck got knocked into someone's yard and another truck was push in front of the car we were in. Suddenly cops were there and we were still left confused about what happened. Then for some reason there was a dead guy in the street with a bullet wound. My cousin in the passenger seat had a gun in his hand all of a sudden. The two cops that were there looked at each other and said that he would have to come with them. He put his hands up at first, but then started to shed tears. The cops looked at each other again. He went from a Black guy to a white guy. He then put the gun up to his ear like a phone and said something along the lines of, Mom I'm not coming back home. END I woke up.