My Black Case, Marriage$&#@!!?, Glitching Beyonce

Date: 2/10/2017

By Fitful

Three Dreams. One. I was in this very bright colorful world. I had people with me at first. We were from somewhere else set to explore. We had camera equipment and for some reason precious slices of pearl or Opal. The slices were as big as my hand. We kept them all in this sturdy black case. Also extra memory card for the camera. One by one my companions disappeared, and they people got more and more excited. They wanted what was in my case. They were desperate even though they didn't know what was in it. They thought I was something valuable or technologically advanced. I kept hiding, I wanted to dump the case and take what I could with me, but I couldn't fit every thing between my boobs comfortably. I tried once but it just didn't work so I kept running and hiding behind very bright primary colored bushes. Two. It was almost the same world, bright and cheerful. But I wasn't the same character nor was I a stranger. I was running tho, they were hunting me down. I was supposed to marry. Maybe breed? They were very adamant about it, it was the law. I think I was younger. Like 14. Three. I was watching a clip of Beyonce which had gone viral. I kept watching it for more information. Everyone was up in arms over how rude she was, but a few conspiracy theories abounded. When I watched it it was as if I was there in the actual event in real life. What happened was she was out on the street inside a crush of fans and paparazzi. Her skin was colored this slate grey, very pretty and uniform and not natural. She had white advertising tattoos one her arm and lower ribcage. It looked very nice, not too weird even in this day and age. However, the people were very upset with her, some of them. The others were demanding a different look. She got a bit irritated for a moment. It looked like she shoved a fan from one angle, from another the fan had actually shoved her. Upon many reviews of the event I heard her say something about becoming everything they wanted still not being enough. It was literally as if she had become some programmed ideal, but only to a larger portion of her fans. The rest of them wanted something else. Her silver/slate grey skin was so uniform not even airbrushing could create that effect. In the dream her body was a robot.