Lucid Firework wizard dream

Date: 3/6/2019

By Pmoney96

There was a large group of us walking along the paddock casting fireworks from our wands, I ran out of steam and kept trying to cast luminous but I would only get a tiny amount. Rabbits, badgers and foxes were following us which was quite nice. We eventually arrived a a magical village where we ran into Snape, I stuck out my foot in an effort to trip him up and he spun round making some Witty comment. Upon our return, luck ran out and the Wild Hunt was coming through town so we climbed to the highest point in the nearest building and knocked on a door, to my delight it opened and I asked if we could hide in there until it passed over. They said yeas & I began barricading, after a few minutes the door started knocking and it was our hosts neighbours. I expressed my dismay at letting them in, the more there were the higher the risk of getting killed. Despite my warnings they were allowed to enter and the room swiftly became rather cramped. We weren’t able to close the barricade again and some cartoonish monsters broke in. I also transformed into a cartoon and proceeded to kill them and close up the barricade.