Birthday card collections

Date: 2/27/2021

By Purple

Someone had asked me if I saved my birthday cards. I said I sure do. I had my birthday cards out from the current birthday, and I was going through them. I was also able to access the birthday cards from last year. I quickly went through the titles of the covers of the birthday cards. At one point from the cards of last year, the titles almost spelled out a sentence. It was fun. It was nice to see that I was loved so much. It was also nice to reminisce and remind myself that people in my life care about me. Sharon from my last job appeared to be next to me while I was going through my birthday cards. Somehow there were some Band-Aids mixed in with the cards. One part of my brain was glad that I had kept the cards. Another part of my brain was thinking, “Wait a minute… It’s nice to review for a while, but didn’t I throw out last year’s birthday cards…?“