Digital art, As they stood by the register, surrounded by shelves of candy, the protagonist reached for a Twix to purchase while engaging in conversation with their friend Brittany, unaware of the unexpected adventures that awaited them upon stepping out of Walmart.

Free IPhone 5c

Date: 5/30/2017

By Hikertrash48

A friend and I were at Walmart. I seen a machine that was kinda like one of those crane games but you just put a coin in and something would fall out. There was a few IPhones and various other electronics in it. I put a coin in and won a blue IPhone 5c. I took it to a self checkout and scanned it. The price came up as $739. I was shocked and decided I wasn't paying that much for it. Just then I noticed an employee behind me and she explained that I didn't have to pay for it since I got it out of the thing. So I walk off and find Brittany, my friend that was with me earlier. We start talking and after a while I end up in my mom's car. We park in the parking lot and she says she needs to get groceries. So we walk into Walmart and I find my friend Brittany again. We're standing right next to one of the registers that have a few shelves of candy. I grab a twix so I can buy it and continue talking. Brittany ask if I need to borrow her skateboard to get back home and I tell her that my mom's here.

AI generated interpretation Based on the details of your dream, it seems to symbolize your desire for acquiring something valuable and desirable, such as an iPhone 5c. The Walmart setting represents a place where you can attain this desired object, suggesting a consumerist mindset or a focus on material possessions. The machine with the crane game represents the element of chance or luck in obtaining what you want. By putting a coin in and winning an iPhone, this could symbolize a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in achieving your desired goals. However, when you scan the iPhone at the self-checkout, the price comes up as $739, shocking you. This could reflect a fear or concern about the high cost or value associated with obtaining these desires in reality. It may hint at a hesitation to invest or commit to achieving certain goals, as the perceived price is too high. The employee who explains that you don't have to pay for the phone suggests a sense of relief or assistance in overcoming the perceived obstacles or costs. This could symbolize a need for external support or validation in pursuing your goals or desires. Meeting your friend Brittany and engaging in conversation may represent seeking companionship or connection during a potentially overwhelming situation. The mention of a skateboard as a means of transportation could symbolize a desire for independence or alternative ways of achieving your goals. Finally, ending up in your mom's car and going to buy groceries together highlights the sense of familial support and guidance in your life. This could signify the influence of your family or upbringing in shaping your values and choices, as well as the need for practicality and responsibility amidst pursuing your desires. Overall, your dream suggests a blend of ambition, hesitation, and the importance of support and practicality in achieving your goals or desires. It may be reflecting your conscious or unconscious thoughts and concerns about the costs, both financially and otherwise, associated with pursuing your desires or material possessions.