Bruce Springsteen, Jazz and a Stolen Hot Tub

Date: 8/17/2017

By lucid14

I'm on stage at the Foxboro jazz in July camp and Bruce Springsteen in performing. I'm not performing but I'm just listening and observing. Bruce was relaxed and in the moment. I noticed three young twins in the back of the stage that all looked very similar. One played piano, one sang backup vocal and one played percussion. It got to the point in the show where Bruce was going to let each member in the band sing a verse and one of the kids sang loudly and obnoxious. The next people to perform were this group of little girls who's performance mostly considered yelling "tigers! Tigers!" Pretending they were up in a tree. The girls weren't done but the presenter walked on stage cutting them off early. He looked exactly like my Uncle Johnny. He said something like "that's the end of the show for today." After a pause one of the girls said in a cute high pitched voice "but were not done." The presenter ignored her. He then asked everyone on stage to go and sit in the audience. I had been to this camp so I knew what was going to happen and didn't need to stay for it. I walked out watching the crowd knowing that they did not know I was a musician and attended this camp a while ago. I also passed the man who runs the jazz camp (in real life too) I almost went up to him and told him how great he is and how much his camp helped me but I didn't. I kept walking out. The stage was located in a pretty big music department for the school. I walked out hearing many sounds of instruments practicing. I mostly heard a Mozart piece played on clarinet. I casually told Chris's brother that he could come into my house anytime he wants and take my hot tub that's been sitting in my basement and I never use. (This conversation happened outside the dream, not in real life but I just knew it happened) I was hanging with Dennis in my basement and I noticed it was gone but didn't quite know why. He started grilling me and said it was because I told Chris's brother he could come anytime. Part of the conversation was me saying "I bet Chris's brother took it." And Dennis firmly saying "Yeah, he did." Emphasizing each word. I then also noticed that he not only took the hot tub but two speakers that were sitting with it. This pissed me off and I wanted to talk to him right away because I didn't say he could also take the speakers.