Billie Eilish (gay)

Date: 4/22/2019

By bunbun12

I went to some rich bitch boarding school (which was lovely because irl I'm super poor) Billie Eilish was in a few of my classes and when I met her I was like "Oh you're Billie Eilish aren't you? I loved the song idontwannabeyouanymore" and she smiled and we hung out - I guess because I didn't go absolutely crazy over her. At some point she sent me nudes (weird?), and I didn't realize they were on my phone, and one or two of them ended up being in my photography project by accident. I remember freaking out and calling anyone who might be able to get those nudes away from my teacher. The same day, I admitted to Billie that I'd leaked her nudes to my teacher by accident. She didn't even care, but she got really happy that I told her the truth. We hung out in the upstairs hall at lunch, leaning in while she showed me things on her phone and in her (art) notebook and other things she thought I'd find interesting, like her rings. At some point her arm ended up over my shoulder, which I didn't notice until later. Near the end of lunch she looked at me in the eyes and her eyes flicked to my lips. She pulled me in and gave a long kiss. Then she pulled away and smiled. I smiled too, blushing, she laughed and asked if I'd enjoyed it. I said yes. She kissed me again.