Date: 5/18/2019

By heidilore

I walked into Wendy's. The guy working in Wendy's was black and had dreadlocks. He was trying to convince me to buy some kind of tropical type of alcohol for 43 dollars, he said that it was the next big thing. I looked over at the display, and they were sold out of the bottles. I ordered a Dr. Pepper, but the guy gave me a Mountain Dew instead. Suddenly, I was in Toys r Us. The aisles were very strange, and I couldn't find whatever I was looking for. My mother was lost somewhere in the store. I was talking to Eric online. He was trying to convince me to send him nude photos if myself. There were contests, races, to win money, but instead of coming in first and winning, they threw people's names in hats and chose winners that way. I was trying to go home somehow, as I was lost. I went into several casinos to win some money. I think I was in Las Vegas.