Dream: Mint and Byron

Date: 1/31/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

(Kind of a long read but it spanned the course of two nights. These are all the details from both nights.) My name is Minitola Desiree. Those allowed close to me were to just call me Mint. I was a warrior first, and daughter to the chieftain this clan of warriors second. I was also the one chosen to train and name most the new blood. Yes, name them. To our clan the name you have before becoming a warrior is a placeholder. It has little to no value. Mine was an exception only because I was born and raised a warrior. “There are quite a few promising warriors this round.” one of my father's men told me. ‘Slaves.’ I thought as I walked down the row of new blood. ‘Men and women captured and taken from their clans.’ “Do you see any particularly promising ones, mistress?” the man asked me. I looked the new blood over once more and stopped in front of a young man of a scrawnier build compared to the others. His hair shaved down and skin paler than most too. Despite all that I could see a fire blazing in his eyes. “I'll work with this one.” “Him?” the man asked. “Yes. I see great potential in him. Send the others to work with my warriors. I'll lead him to my recruits.” I explained. The man did as he told and ushered the others off to be trained by different warriors. “What is your name?” i asked the young man before me. He stared me down, “Does my name matter?” I smirked, “Until I decide a more fitting one, it does.” “Rilikt. That's what my clan called me before your people appeared.” He told me firmly. I placed a hand over his eyes and took in the memories he had from his clan. A ‘gift’ I had that allowed me insight on those around me. I removed my hand from him and nodded, a heavy weight upon my heart. “What did you just do?” Rilikt asked as he studied me. “A glimpse into your heart. I am truly sorry for your loss.” I whispered, “Come Rilikt. Let me introduce you to your new clan.” The day went on and I had gotten Rilikt to finally work with my other recruits. There had been a few outbursts between him and a couple women from an Amazon tribe that we'd taken in. They really didn't like him and he really wasn't taking any of their bullshit. I actually had to stifle my laughter a couple times seeing as that scrawny young man actually won in a match against one of those women. They were far from tiny too. “New guy actually knows what he's doing.” one of the male recruits, a former Trusiva tribesmen, stated as he watched. He was at least a half-foot taller than me with silver eyes that pierced the soul. He had definite muscle after the weeks of training in my camp. “He was the son of the Zincova leader.” I said calmly, “He knew battle strategy almost as early as I did.” The Trusivan, Wilques, stared in surprise at that. “A Zincova?” I nodded as we watched the other Amazonion take on Rilikt. “You've already decided his name, haven't you?” Wilques asked. “And yours. And those women too. You four are my most promising recruits.” I explained as I saw a proud glint in his eyes. “Hopefully he'll get used to things here.” Wilques said calmly. “Hopefully he'll get used to our group. I pray no one gets used to things here. This place…” I trailed off. I hated how my father did things. We may be warriors, but taking people from their families and forcing them to become our warriors. Killing their clans before them and telling them to fight for us. It disgusted me. Wilques placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed lightly. “You'll change it Mint.” He whispered calmly. “One day, yes.” I stated firmly. Rilikt and I had gone for a hunt months later. This was partially a test to see if he would turn on our clan by either killing or wounding me...or if he'd stay loyal. Rilikt seemed worried as we walked on in silence. We were hunting for a hound like creature known as a Pofrin (paw-freen.) They were wolf-like in nature and appearance but were actually lake dwellers. Amphibious creatures that had been terrorizing the game in our lands. We were to bring one back, dead or alive, for one of father's women to study and ultimately dissect. “Rilikt, breathe.” I whispered as we walked further. “The air is too thick, mistress. We should turn back if we want full survival.” He explained quietly. “What do you mean by that?” I asked but then he shoved me hard to the ground. A pofrin stood at the lake-edge, fangs bared at us. However it seemed to have an extra tidbit we hadn't been warned of. Electricity surged across it's body. When I looked where we had been I noticed a scorch mark on the ground. “Well shit.” I hissed as Rilikt got to his feet and I stood as well. A low growl escaped the pofrin. We exchanged glances as we tried to figure out the best course of action. “Lend me your staff.” Rilikt stated. “That's suicide.” I watched the pofrin and tightened my grip on my staff. “Your bow will do better damage from a safe distance.” Rilikt shook his head as the pofrin paces paced by the lake edge, eyes fixated on us. “Your staff is resistant to electricity to a point. It will do more damage than my arrows.” I sighed and handed him the staff. He'd be able to land a harsher blow than I would. He handed off his bow and arrows. I shot some at the pofrin in an attempt to fixate it on me. It shot electricity out it's tail and splintered a couple of arrows, one pinned its front right paw. Rilikt charged the pofrin and slammed the staff down on it's back. I could see the surge of electricity burst into my staff. The crackling noise of it pushing through as the pofrin hit the ground. A yelp escaped it but it was still alive. Just unconscious. Rilikt was worse off. I shot a flair so Wilques could come collect the pofrin. I grabbed my staff and used it to pull Rilikt away from the water's edge. He could barely move but still had a firm grip on the staff. “Speak, Rilikt. Show me you’re still living.” I ordered him. He turned his head towards me and nodded weakly. “Barely, mistress.” His voice was weak and there were scorch marks across his body from taking in so much electrical energy. Wilques soon was there, followed by the Amazonion women. The women wrapped up the pofrin in some material that would keep the electric energy from hurting them, put a muzzle of some sort on it, and began carrying it back to camp. Wilques helped get Rilikt up and onto my back. I carried him back to camp as carefully as possible. He apologized a couple times for the trouble but quieted after both I and Wilques told him to save his strength for later on. The journey back was long but the fight with the camp medic was worse. She tried to tell us Rilikt couldn't be helped because of the serious scorches. That we'd be lucky if he survived the night. I bit back my rage as I helped lay Rilikt onto a hospital bed against the woman's wishes. “I cannot help him.” she said again. I stared her down with every ounce of warrior fury and stated very calmly, yet very coldly, “If my warrior doesn't make it through the night then neither will you. Refusal to treat someone because they are not YOUR warrior will not be tolerated in MY camp. Do you understand me?” The woman's eyes widened in fear but she nodded as she looked Rilikt over once more. “We'll need to cut away the top layer of those scorches so he can heal properly. I'll need to get any information on what electrocuted him you have.” Wilques looked to me and then sighed. “Stay with him. I'll give her the information.” I nodded and placed my hand upon Rilikt’s eyes to glimpse into his heart. It seemed a lot less heavy than it had months prior. But a new weight seemed to be placed on it. I felt my hand get pulled lightly away. “I'd prefer you ask permission first. A heart's a very personal space.” “Sorry.” I gave a weak smile. “I'm just glad you're alive. I can't lose any of you.” “You won't.” Rilikt told me with a faint laugh. It looked painful for him to laugh. I took his hand in mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Take care of them, Mint. The air is far thicker here than in that hound’s territory.” Rilikt told me and I felt my blood run cold. “I will bring change to this clan.” I whispered as Synna, one of the Amazonion women, came over to me with the medic. “I promise I won't let him die. Go to the others.” Synna told me. Her emerald eyes seemed to warn caution despite the kind expression on her freckled face. “Stay with him till I return.” I ordered and left to find the others. The meeting tent was large enough for myself and my two unharmed recruits but it felt too big without the others. “Triela, how is the pofrin?” I asked as Rilikt’s words played in my mind. Triela, the other Amazonion, had brought the pofrin to our meeting tent and been caring for it while I'd been with Rilikt. Her hazel eyes seemed conflicted and her dark hair was matted with sweat. She'd been exhausting her magic keeping the pofrin contained and alive. “Stable. He may fight you though.” She stated as I walked over to the cage the pofrin was in. “She only needs a moment.” Wilques told her. He stood guard at the tent entrance while Triela watched over me. I ran my fingers over the top of the pofrin’s head and placed my hand over it's eyes. It let out a low growl at first but soon quieted as I looked inside it's heart. I bit my lip as the heavy weight of it's heart flooded my senses. The quickly dying out race had not been terrorizing our lands. They'd been protecting their own from my father. I removed my hand from the pofrin’s eyes and saw a fire blazing in them. The same fire I'd seen when each new blood was brought to my clan. “Help me change this and I promise to keep my warriors from harming your lands.” I said as the pofrin bared its fangs. ‘What's stopping you from killing me or my family?’ the creature growled in my mind. “We have a common enemy.” I replied, “And I don't condone ruthless slaughter.” The pofrin calmed his stance and nipped my hand. Triela got her spear but I put my other hand in her way. “He's marking me. Marking an ally.” I explained. The pofrin nodded his head and watched as Triela lowered her spear. ‘Do not betray my trust.’ The pofrin told me in my mind. I removed my hand from the cage and looked to Triela. “Heal his paw and back. We'll need him back to health.” “Your father…” she started. “My camp. My rules. I'll deal with my father.” I told her firmly. Wilques looked back to us. “Venus and Jenos can cover guard duty. You need to explain what's going on.” I saw the two warriors come over to the entrance while Wilques came back to us. Triela healed the pofrin as I had ordered and he then marked her too. “Wilques, once Rilikt recovers I will explain everything. For now, this hound is our ally. He is also the only way we're getting out of these lands alive. No one is to harm him.” I ordered as Wilques walked over to the pofrin. It marked him and looked to me. ‘Let me out. I'll stay close.’ The pofrin said calmly. “Keep the cage open so he can wander. He'll stay near us.” I ordered and so they opened up the cage and and the pofrin came to my side. Staying beside me after that. Two weeks went by. In those two weeks Byron, the pofrin, never left my side and quickly recovered. Many in the camp were wary of him at first but soon got used to his presence. Even more so when he showed us yet another trick his knew. He could take on a human form. As a human, Byron was as tall as Wilques with dark skin that had blue tribal markings across his arms, face, and legs. His eyes though...white as moonlight. One would almost think he could see through to your very core. He didn't often take this form. He wasn't fond of humans. As a pofrin he had marked both Synna and Rilikt as allies. Along with a few other warriors of mine. Rilikt soon recovered and stayed close to Synna who was keeping him in check. He had to be monitored a bit longer before we could say it was a full recovery. My plans were about to begin. I was going to have to take down my father and change this clan for the better. “Minitola?” Byron called from the entrance to my tent. I assumed him to have taken human form since I was hearing the voice aloud. “You may enter. I'm not exposed.” I said with a sigh. I brushed out my copper hair to get rid of any loose strands after cutting it short. Byron entered my tent and closed it. He walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. “You're nervous?” I set my brush down and looked up at him. “Yes. I'm about to take down the man who raised me. With an army that isn't even a third of the manpower.” Byron ran his fingers across my neck and scraped a nail against a scar I'd gotten there years ago. He smirked as he gained a faint glow to his eyes. “You can take down a Kodiak as a teenager but can't face your father as an adult?” I felt heat rise to my cheeks. “How did you--?” I started to ask but he placed a finger on my lips. “My kind have been around for centuries. We adapt in many ways.” He explained and pulled me to my feet. “Come let's get you to relax a bit.” I blinked at his words but followed his lead. He pulled me to where I'd laid my sleeping bag and sat me down in front of him. Before I could even protest he'd placed his hands on both shoulders and pinned me there. “Don't be so stubborn today.” He stated and I sighed, giving in. Byron massaged out the tension in my neck and shoulders as I did my best to relax for him. “You don't trust easy do you?” he asked me. “No. I don't. Not even my own parents. Though...I’m not really their child so it makes sense.” I told him quietly. “That so?” he asked and pulled me back so he could look down in my eyes. “Then who are they to you?” “Byron, they aren't my true parents. They killed my family...my clan...when I was a child. Then hid the truth by swearing I was stolen away as a baby.” I explained and grit my teeth, closing my eyes. Byron pressed his lips lightly to my forehead and sighed as I relaxed against him some. “So you trained as their daughter to learn how to take them apart from inside?” I nodded and opened my eyes only to see Wilques standing in my tent entrance. “Am I interrupting?” he asked with a teasing smirk. I sighed as Byron let go of me. I got to my feet and gave him a quick glare. “What is it, Wilques?” “The others are ready.” Wilques stated and gave a cheeky grin to Byron, “So if I left you two alone would that be bestiality or just normal sex?” Heat rose to my cheeks as I smacked his arm and stormed off towards the meeting tent. “He was just playing around.” Byron said with a small grin. “Yet I'm sure you would have tried.” Wilques told him. “There's a time and place for everything. I was merely helping your leader relax.” Byron told him. “Boys...please stop…” I told them as the meeting tent got closer. We soon were inside and I explained the situation to them as well as a number of my warriors. We were to take down the clan chieftain and bring change. We had to gather our numbers and fast. We would be fighting from the inside. We went over strategy for the next couple days and Byron convinced some of the other pofrin to help us fight. He spoke with some of the other creatures in the wild as well. Some I never knew existed. Adaptability really was his specialty it seemed. Byron had taken his pofrin form and was staying by my side. I'd convinced my father to let him stay with me and that if anything happened I'd take responsibility for what he did. Once I'd gotten to my room I locked the door and Byron took his human form again. He walked around the room and then turned to me. He pulled me to him and wrapped me in his arms. I trembled in his arms. My nerves were shot and I felt sick. Wilques and Rilikt were on standby. Along with the rest of my warriors. “I could lose them.” I whispered as I clung to him at this point. “No battle is won without sacrifice. They have made their peace. You must make yours.” He told me and kissed the top of my head to try and soothe me. “I know.” I whispered. That night, Byron and I made love. His touch was gentle yet passionate. His kisses were hot on my skin. Teeth grazing my neck and chest. I fought against my voice so I stayed quiet as I felt myself give in to euphoria. I trailed my nails across his back. He claimed my lips and made me his. As he became mine. I don't remember much on what happened after that. We both had climaxed and were out of breath. We had fallen asleep in each other's arms. When I awoke, Byron was no longer there. In my dazed state I got up and panicked. I threw on my robe and headed for the bathroom just in case. There he was. Running cold water over himself. “You scared the daylights out of me.” I hissed. He smirked and pushed my robe off me. “Join me?” “That's no apology. I thought…” I trailed off and looked away. He pulled me into the cold shower and kissed my cheek. “Your father won't get me that easily. Now clean up. You have an army to lead.” I sighed but did as told. We washed up, got dry and dressed, and prepared for the day. Byron took on his pofrin form once more and I led the way out to where I was supposed to train my recruits. (That's when I awoke.)