Can't remember

Date: 8/10/2019

By Caswillsaveme

Can't remember much but one part I was in my grandma's house and she had this big ice cream set up and I was changing the channels on her TV in her kitchen in order to find a movie that had started, that had superheroes or something as the main characters. Then another part I was in some sort of hallway walking with my friend Zack when he went the short way out but I had to go through the hallway for people under 18, he said he'd see me on the other side and when I went in the archangel Gabriel was in charge of the hallway and everyone inside was like holding rulers that they'd get beat with if they disobeyed. Well I disobeyed and hit someone so hard with my ruler that it broke, so Gabriel got extremely mad at me and decided I had to be punished. He pretty much bent me over and smacked the shit out of me with a ruler. Don't know if I ever made it through the hallway.