Kat dresses and PTX

Date: 8/26/2017

By nicolesal

Early dreams centred around Kat who I used to play old time music with. I went to a ball and had 3 of her white dresses to wear. I wore two of them but maybe not the one that was my favourite. I talked to my ex boyfriend at the ball and felt ok. Then I stayed at Kat's house, we drank a lot of champagne. a little kid came to the door. Then I went to another apartment, was trying to do yoga. Kat came and I explained I was leaving stuff. Later in my dreams I was trying to find a class at uni. Sophia was in the dream, her house had burnt down. Then Sylvie knocked a big log which ran over Sophia. She was ok even though she was pregnant. Then I was on a kind of camp with PTX, we were rehearsing in a stage that was covered with ice and snow. I was so excited and nervous being so close to them. I was pregnant, wondered what would happen if I went into labour. Then I realised I wasn't pregnant anymore. I was trying to learn my part, walking out of the stadium I saw Jessica Butcher but it turned out to be her sister.