At the beach.

Date: 2/23/2017

By BethHamilton2001

I was at the beach with my sister, best friend and cousin; we were walking the dog. Because the beach was by a busy road we had to tie the dog up somewhere. We were talking for ages then noticed the dog's lead was coming loose. We tied it and the dog ran, in the end we managed to catch it. Soon after me and my cousin said we needed the toilet so we had to go into the town. The first shop we went into had no toilet so we kept walking. Finally we found a sports store where we could go. The only toilets they had were for kids but my cousin (Jason) went first. He then told me to go in the same toilet that he had been in so I did. When I went in there was a poo on the floor which made me gag and hurry up. I ran out gagging, we bought some other items so we didn't look rude. Jason went off back to the beach while I was still talking to the woman at the counter. Then I walked out the shop with my nan and brother we went towards a place which looked like the beach but it was the wrong one. But we have been here before I said on a school trip and we made the same mistake when trying to get back to the beach. My nan tried finding a map but I pulled out my phone to use Google maps and it said it would take 45 minutes to get there and we must travel by boat. In the end we made it back.