I knew I was dreaming?

Date: 9/1/2019

By stephchheang

It was late at night, I got in my car and was driving out of my driveway. As I was driving out I look to my right and a see a girl with blonde hair. She’s walking towards me. My heart starts beating really fast, I’m so scared. I try driving off, pushing on the accelerator but it’s not working. She’s getting closer. I got so scared that I realised I was just dreaming. This was the first time that Im in a dream and realised I’m dreaming. I try waking myself up by it’s not working and she’s getting even closer. I close my eyes and I imagine my sleeping body rolling over as i do that I feel my body falling backwards. I thought I was about to wake up but I just kept falling and falling. I didn’t stop falling. And finally I wake up finding myself rolling around. I could’ve calmed myself down and had my first lucid dream.