Dream within a dream

Date: 5/27/2017

By davestar25

I had a dream within a dream. The dream starts off with level 2. I was at a museum with Jamhar. We were waiting on some friends to go into a labyrinth to battle a legendary monster. Jamar says he is going to join us once he is done scouting girls at Georgia state. I text Jake, Sarah and MaryKate and they said they would join us. Jake immediately joins me and Jamhar. He has a sword to help slay the beast. We show him our weapons. We then walk into a church service and prayed. We then got outside a stadium and Tim Ridgley, Aaron and Jamar joined us. Sarah and MaryKate texted and said they are coming. My boss from work and 2 other ladies said they would join us. Sarah and MaryKate show up with a blonde girl and we enter the building. A guy walks us to the dungeon and says that not all of us will make it out alive when we face the monster. Jake says that this could be a horror movie. We entered the dungeon and fight the monster. I think we all survived because we celebrated after. But then I woke up in the level 1 dream and realized that it was all a dream. I texted Jamhar and Natalya about the dream that I just had. Then I took my family shopping and woke up for real.