Weird Dream

Date: 7/20/2017

By willowgroves

I was alone in a room for some reason, I didn't have any friends and I took care of the library. A friend of mine who I have fallen out with and some other people came to join me for some reason and they didn't remember the fact that we had fallen out. I was messing on my laptop half the time and I was questioning her as to why she didn't remember. I then woke up in the library and found out her and The bf of the friend I have fallen out did remember and I went to go and shut all the doors and windows in the library and lock them so they wouldn't see me but when I went too shut the one to block the bf of the friend out, the door was open and he gave me a distainful look. I was then in a shooting range and.someone was recording my brain activity in an EEG. I felt depressed. And I had guns in my brain????! Then I was herded into the lockers of year 7 but they looked more like gas chambers and I was made to do a history quiz. No one I knew was there. I had a word and then I had to describe three other ways of describing it. I thought My strict history teacher had spelt the name 'conclusion’ wrong. But he had actually put like colorism or something idk The next question was like 'what did women in the 1960s think of adverts on tv’ And i was like what because I didn't do that period of history.