Candy Boxes, Death Allergies, Watermelon Soda

Date: 8/7/2017

By Fitful

I was in this old world, like a post apocalyptic one, and technology was vastly advanced but also everyone seemed clueless as to how it worked. It was dark and full of trash. I was a child, with a childhood friend. We both kept candy boxes and kept them full, each time someone would bring home candy for us we would squirrel it away. She seemed worried about the habit, as if it were a bad one, naughty. I told her I didn't eat it all at once, it was a gradual thing, and I always had more added to it before I finished anything. It took me months to finish one candy. The was also some part about trapping the mayor in a refrigerator, or a vault or a refrigerator behind three vaults? And some tech which required a monitor, it catalogued the dad's allergies. The dead bodies were piled up in the machine and the monitor would test each body on the arm for allergies. ~ I was sorta plopped down into this dreamworld. It was as if I came out of no where with no memory of any world but it didn't seem important. I met a girl and a guy right away. And we all hit it off, we went to go get lunch. This world was shiny, like a 50's film. But looking almost normal. The girl and guy both tried too hard. I got a watermelon soda, really just a watermelon slurpy I poured soda in, and was hesitant about ordering anything else. The guy behind the counter told me all the food was safe to eat, the he wanted to try my watermelon soda and raved about it, and didn't give it back for days. I stayed with the girl and it turned out she was a mermaid with legs? Her legs had mermaid scales on them. The guy and her got together even tho she was a mermaid. Apparently I was their daughter, I had been conceived by them, but they still counted the day they met me my conception date too. And they couldn't get pregnant, they both told me that. I was flipping though a little heart book, inside was my name written on each page in a different way. It was as if I had written my name as a little girl over and over trying to figure out the best handwriting for it. I was glad it was only half there, it seemed the back of the book was missing. I was glad before it started going on and on about me wanting to marry someone or something. By the way the girl was a lovely black girl and the guy was white. But both were very young. ~ Later I was looking at a few wedding dresses, monarch butterfly wings lay in gold and wing colors upon a white dress. The other was similar. I was very pleas d to sew them.