Public Nudity/Murder

Date: 3/18/2017

By Moormark

Three separate parts to this dream. Firstly me and my girlfriend were having sex in our pool in the back garden (we definitely don't have a pool irl) but we had to stop and we thought some of the neighbours were watching. Second part is we go back into the house and I am trying to fit a shower to the wall but it keeps falling off. The shower has a black box underneath it which projects films onto the wall so you can watch whilst showering. It is a cowboy film I think. Thirdly we are in a supermarket and a child has been poisoned. In the dream it was really obvious how they had been poisoned but all I remember it was the byproduct of someone making drugs. I spent ages doing CPR and someone injected them with adrenaline or something. Eventually the kid wakes up and we take off chasing the guy who had done it. The map we chase him on is GTA in style, showing where he is and where we are with a blue line in between. We eventually catch up and blow out his tyres. The dream ends