My dream of becoming nothing, but everything

Date: 5/21/2017

By DreamScape34

There is everything and anything in this universe where to which the other universes connect, in a crazy loop of crazy. To start off, dream universes: the universe or reality where we escape that if physical in the mental state and the mental reality to where it can manifest into something real. Let's say, a rock moves, not physically, but in a paradox; rocks can move like us, but we are the rocks, that cannot move. The dream is like that but more complicated, to the extent of the rock moving in several ways we cannot, but we can move in ways they cannot. They can bend the reality to stretch them selves, but we can't or can we? The paradoxes lead to alternate reality, after alternate reality, to the extent of never ending. Next is the mental state, we see things and hear, and touch, and taste and feel, but in the mental state of dream: the dream shows itself but in ways we're we know it will happen but cannot control it. They appear and disappear to where we can't keep a number on how many we see, and them we physically enact them outside the dream, in reality. But if you escape the dream, you become immobile or you may begin to sleep walk. Which is your body saying hello, your awake, and do stuff. When your body is sleep walking, and your in another persons dream, bothering them of course and never knowing that your dream walking, in reality and paridoxilly. Which then we slip back to the alternate universe of dream scape where the mind warps itself into saying stop, whatever your doing and continue doing what your doing, conflicting with the method of what it's doing. This leads to the paradox B being created, like a drug it numbs the mind, and says do this instead of this, but the brain says, no. Later creating a mini-verse of fiction/reality in the paradox B. You then slip in and out of paradoxes trying to find your own, which is looking for the answer to how 2-1+3=0 The 0 represents the present reality in which the "person" is asleep. The opposite is how 0 + 0 = % of 2-1+ 3 but is only temporary towards 4 x 10 creating another 2x10 and 2x10 The realities warp and distort, and channel through brain waves going from point A to D to C to E to B back to A and then somehow to -1^Q It doesn't make sense in reality but in the paradox C and B it does where it affects the alternate present and future present of paradox A and B towards C So far universe A holds 3 paradox's: A,B,C. And the paradox of those are !A,!B,!C. To which mental state A is corrupted if you enter !A-!C. TO WHICH IN TURN YOUR BRAIN WILL MELT. So as we see the green and red mental and physical universe or how we perceive the dream paradox and physical dream intercept each other by means of 0/0=nothing but everything in reality becuase the dream will never cease but continue on spectrum 2-3-1=0 somewhere, but no where. The status is 1 The output is 1 The source of output is 1 But all of these is 1^infinity of location Due to the paradox controlling the universes of ripped and repaired dreams.