When my conspiracy Keanu dreams actually happen when I'm sleeping

Date: 6/11/2017

By annemariejr

it was drizzling outside. I looked out our open door and saw a tall blond man with long blond hair, street clothes and a top hat. I asked him if he was Illuminati and he said did you want to join or something like that and I said yes I mean you guys run the world, you're in charge of everything and he said did you get your... and I said are we talking about a tool or a piece of clothing, thinking they were really like Harry Potter, and he had me talk to a brunette woman who I told I was harmless, I'd be doing only defense spells but had psychiatric problems, and she seemed a little put off by that last bit but had a Starbucks with me. I was also looking at family photos. one was a moving one of dad throwing pocket change at me.