Joohoney play an arcade game with me

Date: 8/1/2019

By iishgenosisii

The most I can remember is : I was going somewhere with Monsta x this concert/award show thing) then I got upset at my friend?? (I don’t know if it was my friend but I got upset at someone it wasn’t the group tho) I was really upset I stoped talking to Monsta x (I tried staying alone) at the place. I sat alone and Sulked, I wanted them to ask me if I was fine and I wanted some attention. The group was tying to find me. I.M. was trying to talk and find me. When the whole event thing was over I left( I was mostly somewhere in the front of people leaving and Monsta x was in the back). They saw me ahead and met up with me. We drove home and there were three arcade machines (one of them being a new Monsta x arcade machine). Jooheon played with me in the game and I felt happier. I can’t remember much else that happened other than putting on lip gloss and hoping no one thinks I’m a try hard for impressing the group, I just felt a little confident to wear it.